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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Martin ( Marty) Alcala Jr. who was born in Culver City, California on March 25, 1945 and passed away on February 11, 2008 at the age of 62. We will remember him forever. Marty was a loving father,brother, son and surrogate father.He loved Adrian and Troy,as well as his own two sons,Evan Michael and Dana Terry Alcala very deeply. He called them all "his boys" Marty lost his own Father Martin an early age,so he made sure that he took Fatherhood seriously.His children were his greatest pride and joy and one of his most sincerely wonderful achievements.You did well Marty,you did it right!

Today his sons honor him with their music & their love.His son Evan plays in a band called "Product" and both Evan and Dana have written beautiful songs for their beloved father~ He would be so proud~

Martin was my older brother,by only one year.We were almost like twins growing up,as you will see from the family pictures.He had a nickname for me which my father actually invented from my first name (Dorothy). It was Dodo,and I called him Bobo~ These terms of endearment lasted all of our lives until the day he died.We used to write to each other or leave voice messages using these funny little monikers,and I shall always cherish those memories.My BIG brother was just that to me growing up.Always protective and always my BIG brother,by one whole year!! He never let me forget it either,but used to tell me that one year, I would catch up with him! Well you were right Marty,this year I will turn 62,and I will be thinking of you for you will never grow any older and shall remain young forever in heaven.

Marty was an American Veteran of the United States Army. He served both in Washington State at Fort Lewis and abroad. He met and married his first wife Maria in Dundee,Scotland.After his discharge,he brought Maria home as a BIG surprise to meet all of his family.Later on,in February of 1980, Marty who was by then divorced, married Cynthia (Cindy) and they had "two beautiful boys" as John Lennon would have said! John Lennon was one of Marty's all time favorite people.The Beatles were his favorite group. Marty knew all of their music,and sang it regularly.The other thing he did was to introduce me and all of his friends to their music very early on.(even before they came to the States) Marty had an ear for music,and an eye for talent.He knew they would last,and he was right!! "Imagine" that!! Later on,after becoming a joyful father,Marty introduced his two boys to Beatles music as well.Marty's whole family became Beatles fans because Marty took the time to enlighten them~ Now everytime we hear a Beatles song,we  think of him and his great love for good music~ I hope that you will listen to a few of the Beatles tunes that I have placed under "audio & videos" in honor of Martin~ His Birthday is March 25, 2008.

Marty loved his boys,Evan Michael and Dana Terry dearly and taught them all about the "Beatles" as he did me. He shared some of the Beatles very first songs with us. He was totally into music and discovering talent long before others even had a chance.. As a matter of fact Marty loved 5 things the most! They were his children,his mother Anita, his family heritage,(The Tongva Nation) Nature,(& all of Grandfather's creations) and Music of all kinds! Everywhere he went he talked about one of those 5 or more.You could count on it,like the Sunrise~"Here comes the Sun" comes the son!

Everytime you would stop by to see him,he would have music playing.His door was always open to musicians and friends,so it is fitting that his good friend Greg Cruz sang " Let it be" at his service on February 17th, 2008... and even more fitting that his son Evan honored him after his service with a Sunday night performance with his band "PRODUCT",in Hollywood,California~ 

Marty also knew a group called the "Red Elvises" from Russia, who lived upstairs from him, and they shared many wonderous moments together. He was their "spiritual adviser"... Marty was a very open and loving man.He valued his friends just like family and those friends truly came out for him on Feb.17th,to show him their love and respect~ He was honored at both the Bible Tabernacle Sanctuary,in Venice,California and also at LMU- Loyola Marymount University,where Senator Richard Polanco (ret. spoke of him as a "warrior for his people",and a visionary for tribal unity~

One of the sweetest things that I can remember Marty doing was calling Michael when he turned 62, and singing to him the Beatles tune " When I'm 64"; but he changed the lyrics to when I'm 62! He was hilarious. Always joking like that... Ironically Marty sang about being 62, which was the age that he passed on.Michael cherished that message for the longest time,and I still do,for I kept it nearby and close to my heart... It showed me the very tender side of my brother that others often did not get a chance to see;but he could be such a tender,caring man..This came from our mother~

His tenderness showed when he smiled.He was beautiful.. He lit up the room when he smiled.
Now he is a beautiful Eagle flying high above the cloudsl He is watching over us all~ Please listen to his song for Michael under "audio & videos"~ Marty is with us still;in every Beatles song we hear,or we may think of when we need to see his smile~ 

Ah Ho-

One of the earliest memories I have of my brother is everyone calling him "Boy" because he was the only boy in the family for so long. I came after him by one year, but it took another 9 years or so for the second boy to arrive...Marty had 6 sisters and 2 younger brothers.Poor guy!

Another memory I have is of us playing baseball in the streets. Marty and I looked so much alike that I could put my braids up underneath his baseball hat, and turn into my older brother! Dad always did want boys, so since I was the next in line after Marty, I was Dad's "tom-boy" and Marty's baseball buddy~ When I was in high school and had my first really serious date, it appeared that I had been stood up. I was really upset because I liked the guy a lot and he was infact a varsity track star who ran with Marty. Marty took me aside and said, "Hey,he's not worth it! Let's go play baseball!"... and so, we did. I got out of my girly things and got into jeans and his baseball cap and we were playing catch in the streets when all of a sudden, Jerry pulled up in his Ford Fairlane looking surprised. He proceeded to ask Marty what he was doing here,and Marty said, " what do you mean what am I doing here you creep, you just stood up my little sister"...Jerry looked shocked..He was unfamiliar with the street we lived on as it was all tucked away at the end of a road, so he had gotten lost and was just late coming...and ironically, he never knew that Marty was my brother!! He thought that Marty had come to hit on me...hahahah..we all had a good laugh about that one..then we went on with our lives and all became great friends. I went out with Jerry the following week... Marty and I joked about this for some time to come.Those memories will last me a lifetime.They are irreplacable,even tho' he is gone; he is not forgotten. He is my big,protective, opinionated brother and he lives on strong in my heart~ I will always love him for that!

I always remember my brother as being headstrong and as a matter of fact his name means "Steadfast in his ways" However,it also was evident that he had Faith,Hope and Love in his life,and as the Bible says the greatest of these three...the strongest, is Love....Marty had that,and he still does even as we mourn him. He will never be forgotten. Love always brings you back together in the end~ That is God's Plan!!

Martin worked at many things,but he had one really "great affair" with his job as both a Tribal Council Member, and Vice Chair for the Gabrielino- Tongva Nation. He represented them for many many years and right up until his passing.My brother Marty was " One of our Nation's most accomplished & admired leaders".As they said, "Losing Martin's strength,leadership,and wisdom is a tremendous loss to our Nation.His quality of character gives witness to the esteem and high regard given to our Elders." Marty's vision of a unified Nation for all Gabrielino-Tongvas will one day come to pass because of his integrity. I am so proud of him;so proud to say he is my brother!!

Marty also worked many other jobs before he found his calling. He was an early morning "riser" when he was a baker... making donuts,and all kinds of goodies,.and also very well read and versed when he was a writer and reporter for the local Santa Monica newspaper,The Evening Outlook.He also once managed a Liquor store. He was a distributor for Sav-Tel Enterprises, Inc. a telephone services program that was innovative for it's time... and he also was the proud owner of his own business along with his wife Cindy. They owned Bodywear International an active wear and accessory business when "working out" and exercising became popular in Calif.Their shop was located right smack on Lincoln Blvd. in the thick of all the "happening things";close to the Santa Monica Pier & Boardwalk and also Venice Beach.He was very versatile at what he did.He loved to collect memorabilia and was very much into sports.Like his 2 younger brothers,he played baseball as his father did before him;and he was good! He loved to dance,sing,joke around,send-funny e-mails,ride his bike,and discover new things about himself and his life.He was also the mentor not only to his two surrogate sons,Troy and Adrian,but he was the mentor of the young man who replaced his position on the Tribal Council:Councilman Adam Loya~Adam spoke respectfully of Marty at LMU.

Marty was a wonderful mentor who gave freely of his time and knowledge,and was therefore well respected by the entire council.Their loss will be great,as is our's. His younger brother Richard has also been involved with our Indian Tongva Nation~ He helped write the Tongva Constitution and has served on various commitees~ He has vowed to honor Marty's wishes to see a "United Gabrielino/Tongva Nation~ "come together." Richard was elected to the Tribal Council in May of 2008 and will be following in the footsteps of his older brother, Martin Alcala Jr.

Like our father Martin Sr.,Marty had a brillant mind. He could remember things about our family heritage and lineage that had me in awe.If ever I had a question about our ancestry on my mother's side or my Grandma Rose,he always knew the answer. He took pride in his work and researching the "Family Tree"..He was also instrumental in the dedication of both a Library at LMU ( Loyola Marymount University) for the Gabrielino-Tongva Nation,and the "Spiritual "Springs" opening at University High School which we both attended as children.Things just seemed to come full-circle for him at the end.My brother was a well respected man.He was a warrior and very courageous even as he was ill;he attended Tongva meetings.I think he knew all his hard work and great love would pay off for future generations to come;for his children and their children.. and for a better world for all.

Bless you my dear brother for all that you gave~ For all of the times that you unselfishly offered help to your brothers,sisters,children and surrogate children and friends.. for all of the children who came to you,related or unrelated that you opened your doors to,and for being a good son to our Mother in her time of deepest needs.You always made her laugh and made her smile. Bless you for knowing how,as only you could~ with Music.

" When there are no words to say what we feel, the silence is taken up by music which speaks our words, and expresses our hearts"

Please join me in lighting a candle for my brother Martin, as I have done every single day since his passing! His birthdate March 25th is coming soon and will remain a very special day in all of our hearts~ Peace..... Ah Ho..... ( amen)

"Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow. Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles. I've only gone to rest a little while. Although my leaving causes pain and grief, my going has eased my hurt and given me relief... So dry your eyes and remember me, not as I am now, but as I used to be; because I will remember you all and look on with a smile. Understand in your hearts, I've only gone to rest a little while. As long as I have the love of each of you, I can live my life in the hearts of all of you."

"To Love what you do and feel that matters; how could anything be more fun?" ( or more exciting) ~ Katherine Graham~ 

"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end"   ~Ursula K. Le Guin~

" We never know how high we are til' we are called to RISE!"

~Emily Dickinson~


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His legacy
Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation at Uni High  

The Gabrielino/Tongva Indians are the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin. The Kuruvungna Springs site at University High School,in Los Angeles, once contained a thriving,self-sontained village filled with tule-thatched houses called "KICHAS".

The first Europeans to come to KURUVUNGNA were soldiers of the Portola Expedition who camped there in early August,1769. Less than 60 years later,this village was forcibly dissolved as a new way of life came to dominate the land and the people.The days of the California Ranchos had begun....

The Gabrielino/ Tongva Springs Foundation was founded in 1992. The Foundation's Philosophy is one of Volunteering to preserve and educate the public on the history of the village of KURUVUNGNA. ( UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL.) The Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation is a non-profit,non-political and non-sectarian organization~

Tours are given of the Springs area by appointment and a display of Indian artifacts helps to show how the Gabrielino/ All  tours are given by Indians~

The area is open to the general public to enjoy the first Saturday of each month~

The Tongva Memorial at LMU- PEOPLE OF THE EARTH~  

The Tongva Memorial is located on the Leavey Campus, just west of the O'Malley Residence Hall, on the bluff side of LMU Drive. This memorial serves several purposes. First and foremost,it is a tribute to the people who were the original settlers of the Los Angeles basin.

Second, it memorializes the two archaeological sites that were destroyed during the development of the Leavey Campus, as well as the other seventeen known Tongva sites along the Westchester bluffs and Ballona Wetlands. Third, it is a place where one can quietly come to think, meditate, or simply enjoy the panoramic view of the Santa Monica Bay and the Santa Monica mountains.

Finally, it is a place to learn more about the first Angelenos and some of the plants that they used. The Memorial opened on April 28, 2000 with a Tongva Indian spiritual blessing ceremony. Marty was instrumental in seeing this happen. He worked for many years and waited patiently~ Now in 2008,we have come to honor him here~

The memorial consists of three concentric circles. The outer circle/walkway of decomposed granite has a series of boulders located around it with Timeline plaques attached to the boulders. The memorial's middle circle consists of four stone benches oriented to the Cardinal directions. On the inside portion of the benches are special plaques recognizing the Tongva Indian's history and Spirituality~

MOTHER EARTH: We are the caretakers of the land. It is our duty as caretakers to treat Mother Earth with kindness and respect. We must cultivate with care, always keeping in mind that Mother Earth is the giver of all life with her waters, rocks, trees, plants, and animals.(North)

GRANDFATHER SKY: ( Creator) We give thanks and pray to our creator for the very air that we breathe, for the food that we eat, and for the land that we live upon. We cannot ever own the land. Rather, the land owns us.. Thank the Creator for all that you have given us.  Grandfather Sky, we ask for your guidance in all that we do. Please bless our time here until we return, once again to you. (West)

THE LEGEND OF TOROVIM: A Tongva Chieftan was being pursed by an enemy tribe, somewhere in Topanga, where the Mountains meet the Sea. He came to a cliff. Rather than submit to his captors, he dove into the Sea. As he fell, he changed into the DOLPHIN, or Torovim, our brother of the ocean.... He now swims around the world, staying ever vigilant and alert to ensure the safety of our people. It is his duty as caretaker of the ocean.... And, when the Torovim is no more, our people will cease to be. (East)

THE TONGVA PEOPLE: have lived in the Los Angeles basin for hundreds of years and continue to do so. Two thousand years ago native people worked and lived where you are standing while at the memorial. Further east along the bluff, was another village site that native people used from about 900 years ago, to the time that the Spanish arrived,..

Some of the typical material cultural items are displayed in an exhibit case at the library. ( South)

MEMORIAL CENTERPIECE: The paved flagstone inner circle and centerpiece of the memorial is a large concrete medallion designed especially for the site by Matthew Dorame, a Los Angeles area artist and a Tonvga/Gabrielino Indian. The legend of the Torovim is represented by Dolphins, a sacred animal to the Tongva people, which is swimming around a map of the Western hemisphere. 

NATIVE PLANTS: A small ethnobotanic garden accompanies the memorial. The outside of the outer circle and between the outer and middle circles contains plants that the native peoples used in their daily lives. White Sage used for Religious purification can be found in the inner circle, and well as purple sage which is used medicinally.

Hear me Great Spirit, Native American Tradition  

O' Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all of the world; Hear me! I am small and weak. I used your strength and Wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset, Make my hands respect the things you have made and make my ears sharp to hear your voice

Make me wise, so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every rock and leaf... I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy; myself! Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands, and straight eyes... so that when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame!

It is pleasantness that I may serve you and preserve your precepts with a perfect heart!  

"A man told his Grandson a terrible fight is going on inside of me; a fight between 2 wolves~ one is evil and represents hate,anger,arrogance,intolerance and superiority~

The other represents Joy,Peace,Love,Tolerance, Understanding,Humility,Generosity,and Compassion! The same fight is going on inside of every other person too!

The Grandson then asked " Which wolf will win?"

To which the old man replied simply: The one that you feed"    Anon~

Martin as all of us, had this fight going on inside of him, most of his life, but I am so glad to be able to say that towards the end that he found the right wolf! He was filled with Life,Love,Kindness and Compassion... although steadfast in his ways,and true to the meaning of his name Marty... he found that great Peace that I pray we can all one day find when we join him.

I love and miss you Marty. Thank you for being such a wise & Loving brother;a great Father and Son and a totally genuine human being~ I have learned so much from having you as my older brother. Until we meet again,may God Bless..... Ah- Ho~  

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